Visonex® Management Services (VMS) combines years of dialysis management experience with extensive dialysis technology expertise.

The VMS team has over 30 years of practical dialysis management experience through providing turnkey solutions, establishing de novo clinics and regional chains, and targeted operations in turning around failing dialysis programs.

Visonex is a highly skilled, dialysis-specific technology company which has served the dialysis community since 2003. Combining the following services with VMS’s management experience becomes a tremendous asset for hospital and independent dialysis facilities looking for success.

  • Clarity EHR, Visonex’s dialysis EMR flagship service
  • Medication Management: Decision Support/Protocol Management Automation
  • Care Management/Care Pathway Automation
  • Visonex Billing Operations – Start to finish 3rd party billing service
  • Visonex Support Services Group
  • Analytical Data Warehouse – Analytical power to facilitate daily, weekly and monthly analysis (At-Risk Patients, Hospitalizations, Readmissions, etc…)
  • Dialysis Regulations Oversight
  • Clinical Oversight
  • CROWNWeb Submission
  • Inventory Management
  • And much more….

VMS, with the full backing of Visonex resources, has the experience and tools necessary to help dialysis facilities uncover their true potential by streamlining operations, eliminating unnecessary costs, and maximizing revenue.