Visonex® Enhanced Services (VES) is a unique dialysis-specific service combining Clarity dialysis EHR, Renal Billing, Data Checks, and Data Management Services.

Independent and hospital dialysis facilities have specific challenges when it comes to successfully operating a dialysis facility.

Hospital EHRs are not treatment centric and cannot submit successfully to CROWNWeb. Most often you will see the typical daily workflow broken up between electronic, manual or work around operations. Additionally, hospital billing software is not set up well for processing dialysis specific claims.

Independent facilities typically contend with resource challenges. It is difficult to apply the resources necessary for reaching full collection potential and stay on track with the changing environment. Visonex provides the necessary persistence for following up claims, resolving insurance issues and keeping up with regulatory changes.

By combining these three services, Visonex is in an excellent position to not only help independents and hospital facilities survive, but thrive.

Dialysis EHR Services

Clarity, the industry leader in Hemodialysis and Home Dialysis EHR Service

Renal Billing Services

Dialysis specific billing experts providing a consultative and comprehensive start to finish billing service

Data Management Services

Includes CROWNWeb submissions, QMAT (Dialysis Quality Measures), and Core Survey functionality

Visonex currently works with over 300 dialysis facilities nationwide with over 50% being hospital owned; all independent.

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