Overcoming EHR Challenges

EHR systems are often underutilized because of the complexity of the rules, regulations, and ever changing dialysis landscape.

Visonex® simplifies the complex process of implementing and using an EHR system. The Clarity system was designed by a Nephrologist in order to remove these EHR challenges. On top of that our Deployment, Technology, and Product support teams are here to help you overcome any EHR challenges when you need help. You can experience the real benefits that Clarity by Visonex has to offer.

  • Intuitive user interfaces and ongoing functionality upgrades
  • Consistent support to keep up with industry and regulatory changes
  • Ongoing training to make the most of your time and let Clarity work for you.

Taking a Partnership Approach

The Visonex approach to support helps you overcome your challenges by successfully providing daily real-time support, proactive education opportunities, and consistent preventative support. It’s a partnership approach, which means your voice will be heard, your ideas will be met with action, and your questions will be answered in a timely fashion.

24-hour Help Line

No matter what time of day it is, just call our 24-hour help line to reach a Visonex team member. Your message will be received by the same great support team that covers your calls during the day.  The same team that knows the Clarity system and your clinic.  You can be assured you will receive a timely response and personal professional service. Prime office hours are 6 am – 6 pm CST; emergency support 6 pm – 6 am CST.

Ongoing Training and Scheduled Support Calls

Not only does Visonex provide training when Clarity is first launched at your clinic, we’ll deliver ongoing training opportunities and scheduled support calls whenever you need them. The training sessions can be tailored to cover specific topics and are scheduled at your convenience.

Online Help System

A comprehensive collection of help resources—including user guides, frequently asked questions along with video tutorials—are available inside the Clarity application.

Educational Opportunities

Visonex Webinars and free Lunch and Learn events offer clients ongoing training to help you take advantage of all that Clarity has to offer.  The “Lunch and Learn” sessions are recorded so you can access them when you want, as often as you want, from your own desk.  In addition, these events help clients share their ideas, ask questions, and share solutions.

Visonex believes in providing the best possible support to our customers.  We are here listen to your concerns and to assist you when you need it.