Visonex ESCO Functionality

The ESRD Seamless Care Organization (ESCO) model was developed with the goal of reducing overall costs while still meeting a high standard of care for dialysis patients.

For more than a decade, Visonex has been learning and developing tools for this type of approach to quality care. Visonex’s flagship service, Clarity, a dialysis EHR, serves as the conduit for delivering cutting edge ESCO functionality.


Visonex ESCO Platform Highlights

  • Advanced Data Analytics: Allowing for Risk Stratification and Predictive Analytics
  • Interoperability: Allowing for the sharing of information across care settings
  • Patient Portal: Utilizing in patient engagement
  • Visonex Connect: Providing nearly real-time notification for timely intervention and smooth transitions of care. Notifying staff of the following:
    • Patient Admissions
    • Patient Discharges from ER and Hospital
  • Innovative Decision Support Engine
    • Automated Medication Protocol Management
    • Care Pathway tasks inserted into daily staff workflows


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