Our Leadership Team

John Hartman MD, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. John Hartman is a board certified Nephrologist with an extensive background in technology. After thoroughly evaluating the information management needs of dialysis centers—as well as the currently available applications—he knew there could be a better solution…a way to achieve clarity.

Dr. Hartman’s greatest area of interest is the impact of health care delivery systems on individual health care providers. He has a passion to improve the efficiency and quality of how individuals deliver health care as part of a team, organization, and national system.  Dr. Hartman stays actively involved in healthcare reform and quality by participating on Healthcare Reform task forces and committees.  In addition, he is involved in various quality metric development organizations, and sits on the Board of Trustees for MetaStar, the Wisconsin QIO.

John Opichka, President

John Opichka co-founded Visonex® with Dr. Hartman in 2002. Before forming Visonex, John was very successful in positions involved with turning around struggling business. His passion for rebuilding businesses is closely followed by his passion for mentoring and teaching others. While turning around businesses he participated in one of his most enjoyable activities; teaching novice entrepreneurs the art of starting and running a successful business.

His focus on people and the idea of Visonex having an impact on the way Healthcare is delivered was a perfect fit. He has brought to Visonex his enthusiasm to mentor and bring together a team. John believes it all starts with people. In order to accomplish anything in business you have to have the right team with the right plan. His desire to help people grow and to show them the impact they have in this industry keeps everyone focused on the importance of doing it right the first time and having fun in the process.

Dino Capone, Vice President of Quality and Development

Dino Capone is an experienced information technology executive with an abiding passion for healthcare. He has been responsible for IT innovation as a CTO and CIO in healthcare IT development organizations as well as provider organizations. His skills as a facilitator have allowed him to bring together patients, doctors, nurses, and administrators to guide solution building with developers across the continuum of healthcare. Engagement across transitions of care have remained an enduring focus of Dino’s efforts for many years; serving on mobile health and interoperability committees as a HIMSS and an NRAA member allows him opportunities to pursue patient and provider engagement solutions for Visonex and the industry as a whole.

Nicole Lee, RN, Director of Clinical Operations

Nicole joined the Visonex team in January 2015. Her experience as a dialysis staff nurse, later moving into clinic management and operations management highlights her passion to pursue not only clinical but also financial excellence in dialysis operations. She believes not only is there a place for small dialysis organizations in the market, but there is a way for these clinics to remain independent and thriving in the healthcare market. Nicole brings more than 20 years of dialysis background and service to the organization. She has experience in the Large Dialysis Organizations, small chains, and hospital-based operations.

Nicole’s main responsibilities lie in overseeing Visonex Management Services operations. At one time Nicole was a client of Visonex where a relationship was formed through a genuine connection and mutual respect. Her experience and insight into the dialysis market has made an impact in all aspects of Visonex operations.