Data Management Services:
Your Path to Quality

CROWNWeb Submission, Dialysis Billing and Data Checks

Clarity Data Checks are your first line of defense to prevent errors from occurring during your end of month CROWNWeb submission and dialysis billing process.

Before Clarity allows you to schedule a CROWNWeb batch submission file or process the end of month claims, it will double check your data. Any missing or misaligned data from this check will result in a Data Check.

Likewise, Data Checks will automatically search for missing dialysis billing data identifying what is missing. This allows your facility to make changes in your clinical system before it is sent to your billing software. This ensures your clinical documentation matches your billing data and provides for a much smoother billing submission process.

Data Checks:

  • Improve data quality
  • Reduce errors during the CROWNWeb Submission process
  • Reduce errors during the end of month billing process

Quality Measures Assessment Tool w/Core Survey Readiness Functionality

This tool allows clinics to:

  • Gather and trend standardized data for Quality Assessment & Performance Improvement (QAPI) program
  • Easy ESRD data management, with the ability to drill down to individual patients representing outliers
  • Easily track clinical indicators
  • Refresh all clinical data with one click
  • Review in graphical or tabular format
  • Track clinics individually or compare across clinic groups or the entire organization
  • Provide required Core Survey data within a matter of minutes upon a surveyor clinic visit

Visonex® Analytical Data Warehouse

For clinics with the desire to dig even deeper into their data, Visonex has a robust analytical data warehouse. This warehouse, complete with a data dictionary, allows for limitless data analytical capabilities.