Visonex Introduces...

Visonex Enhanced Services (VES)

Providing the tools necessary for the independent dialysis market to not only survive, but thrive.


VES Combines these services...

  • Clarity, the industry-leading Hemodialysis and Home Dialysis EHR
  • Complete start to finish dialysis-specific billing
  • Data submission with Data Check and Data Check Messaging
  • Access to an Analytical Data Warehouse for detailed clinic analysis
  • Automated population of a comprensive QAPI tool

Through our team effort, can we...

...improve your revenue beyond that which we charge?

...improve your A/R days?

...improve data capture?

...improve your cash flow?

...improve the rate of denials and rebills?

...improve resource utilization?

...improve your data submission capabilities?

Overall, the focus of VES is to help you maintain control of your clinical and financial outcomes.


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“I’ve never regretted the decision to go with Clarity. You have followed through on everything you said.”
— Inger Pound, Administrator Dialysis Care, WI
“In my 20 years of dialysis experience, I have never worked with a company as responsive to client needs as Visonex.”
— Janine Diebel, Administrator Munson Dialysis Center, MI

“That's what I like about Visonex. You all are real people who care about your clients—not just as clients but real people.”

— Mary Swails, RN Sparrow Health System, MI

“When a physician is rounding, I use the batch feature to generate helpful reports. It’s easy and everything is ready in seconds.”

— Annette Aljets, Dietician Trinity Regional Hospital, IA

“The entire experience has been nothing short of wonderful ... I have had the most exemplary customer service. Rapid responses make our day so much smoother.”

— Jennifer Wogernese, RN Dialysis Care, WI